Digital Writing

I have a long track record in copywriting for trends focused websites, with PSFK and Protein provided the bulk of my body of work in this area.

To see the 300+ articles I wrote during my tenure with PSFK click here

To see the 100 articles written for Protein click here (Protein’s CMS lacks an author landing page and so this link resolves to a Google search of my web-published content with Protein).

I write exclusive content for Dazed Digital, which can be accessed via this link.

I’ve also written for The State (Meet Your New Wetware Manager) and Creative Applications Network and Native Magazine

I have acted as editor for two wordpress blogs: Hub Westminster (presently a retired URL) and Space Expo Dublin. Both positions involved encouraging members and staff (respectively) to get into the blogging habit.

Weavrs – Chat


Weavrs were an experiment in building a post-user internet platform. It enabled you to create autonomous Twitter bots, attribute a personality, place of work&residence, and leisure preferences to the bot (of infomorph, as Weavrs came to be known). Once booted into existence it would roam Twitter, seeking out content and blogging and tweeting about how it spent its virtual existence.

Weavrs emanated from Philter Phactory, which tech-art meddler David Bausola oversaw. You can listen to David’s vision for Weavrs here.

As the Weavrs proliferated David Bausola encouraged app building for the service. Weavrs were able to tell stories, pose cryptic (and occasionally profound) questions to their followers and mix dubstep based on their experiences. They also had chat functionality added to them.

This is where I managed to contribute to the Weavrs project. By adapting the AIML (artificial intelligence mark up langauge) (developed by Dr. Richard Wallace and the ALICE bot community) to contemporary pop culture and the Weavr tone of voice a chat functionality was added to the bots.