Greetings, my name is Stephen Fortune. Curiosity, rigour and a passion|thirst|achilles heel for the as-yet-undiscovered have manouvered me into a freelance journalist-cum-media artist career. This website is all about the former, specifically published in print media, and where the latter career orbit has lead to published material it too shall be included. You can read about the media art over here.

I enjoy a Tech Editor @ Large remit with Dazed & Confused Magazine and the Dazed Digital website. My writing has been published on Creative Applications Network, Native Magazine, DASH Magazine, and the State. I have a background in website copy-writing: including extensive tenures for media agency Protein and inspirational website PSFK.com. I have written over 330 short form web write ups. The range of stories I covered encompassed design, brand outreach, current affairs, digital art & marketing. Links to my digitally published content is available here.

I enjoy writing about most everything concerning digital, technology and emergent science (both new research and burgeoning consumer trends). I aspire to write about technology and science in an accessible manner, as I consider that a duty of anyone who covers such subject matter. Most of all, I am driven by a desire to share and impart knowledge: information in isolation has never switched me on

Please drop me a line info at stephen fortune (.) net